4 Common Benefits of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

What is Diatomaceous Earth and Where does it come from?
Diatomaceous earth is an amazing all-natural product containing minute fossilized marine flora that comes in a fine powder form. It contains approximately silicon, calcium, sodium magnesium, and iron as well as a variety of other trace minerals including manganese, boron, and zirconium. In the last few years this revolutionary mineral has made a contribution in changing the world and improving people’s health worldwide.

Diatomaceous Earth natural forms from a siliceous sedimentary mineral compound. They are created from microscopic skeletal remains of small plants that were similar to alga called diatoms that were fossilized thirty million years ago. These fossils are located in areas that were formally covered by water, and have been buried in chalky deposits of diatomite. The diatoms are finely crushed to produce fine particles that look and feels like talcum powder. Each batch is unique due to various types of diatoms that existed as well as the difference in environments where they are located.

Diatomaceous Earth benefits

food grade diatomaceous Earthe-Diatomaceous Earth carries a negative ionic charge, which some studies suggest attract positively charged bacteria, viruses, and parasites just as opposing magnet are drawn to each other. Therefore, this product can be used as detoxification cleanser to pull out bacteria as well as absorb trace elements of methyl mercury, aluminum, pesticides and any drug residues that may be negatively affecting your body. Researchers have researched aluminum and Alzheimer’s and found a link between the two, therefore utilizing a supplement that eliminates trace elements of metals in your body is greatly beneficial to your health.

-It’s rich in silica, which is essential for healthy teeth, bones, hair, skin and nails. Silica is essential for the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus and our diets do not have a high enough percentage of it to allow for bone strength and quick healing of fractures. Studies have revealed that diatomaceous earth significantly lowers cholesterol by eradicating plaque and provides assistance in blood pressure regulation. Silica can also aid the body by maintaining and repairing lung tissue and reducing the effects of pollution.

Common Uses for Diatomaceous Earth

  1. Deodorant

This is a great product for people who would rather use a more natural deodorant and not block their pores. Many people worry about not being able to detoxify because of the clogging nature of antiperspirants but worry about body odor. Food grade diatomaceous earth is a wonderful alternative due to its neutralizing effects, and is milder on the skin than baking soda.

  1. Facial Scrub and Mask

Due to its thin nature, this makes a gentle exfoliate and can also be used as a mask. Not only are you able to absorb many of the beneficial vitamins that diatomaceous earth has through your skin (such as calcium, zinc, and silica) it can also draw skin pollutants out.

Mask Instructions: Mix a small amount of diatomaceous earth with a liquid of your choice (choose an option that is best for your skin type) and stir to create a thick paste. Gently rub the paste on your face with your fingertips in a circular pattern. Let the paste set for up to five minutes, gently remove the paste with a warm washcloth (this is when the exfoliating happens), and finish with your regular moisturizer. Make sure that you avoid your eyes.

  1. Pest Control

This product is approved to use against slugs, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, and other critters that you don’t in your home. Dusting areas where this pest gather (make sure you get it in the nooks and crannies) will kill them and then you can vacuum the dust up later.

  1. Detox and Internal Health

How do you use diatomaceous earth? You can decide on the option you enjoy the best, though it is not recommended that you cook it. You can mix it into any food product that you want; a smoothie, applesauce, or stir it into water. It has a slight grittiness to it that can bother some palates but it has very little flavor to it. You want to eat it on an empty stomach so you can maximize its detoxifying properties, so either consume it first thing in the morning (wait at least half an hour to eat afterword’s) or right before bed. Make sure that you drink lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated and don’t ever take anything besides food grade product.

How To Use High Traffic Academy To Achieve Your Business Goals

Traffic is the most important asset for an online business. Without traffic, you are simply out of business. Online marketers are trying any strategies to drive traffic to their sites. Some of the strategies are so tedious and time consuming that most of the marketers gives up along the way.

high traffic academy reviewsVick Strizheus has come up with a foolproof system that could cause traffic in your site to skyrocket within a short period of time. Vick is a traffic generation expert who made headlines in January 2013 for making over $170,000 in just 28 days. He has been couching online marketers for a number of years now. Recently, he launched a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know to generate 1000s of traffic to any site within a short period using what is being referred to as the High Traffic Academy.

A Few Benefits Of Using High Traffic Academy

The following are some of the benefits of using the High traffic Academy.

1. It works for amateurs as well as experts

High Traffic Academy is a complete system that guides you on what to do from scratch. You will get insights on how to design and launch a website, how to choose and purchase superior domains and everything else you need to know to set up a professional website from the word go. This is very useful for those who are starting up their online businesses.

For the seasoned marketers, the system goes into more useful modules that will make you think again about your marketing strategies. You will get new ideas that you have never thought about which will revolutionize the way you market your business and lead to more traffic and sales.

2. Saves on time

There has been a lot of hype on SEO strategies to get visitors to a site. These strategies require you to use massive amount of time coming up with SEO optimized content, guest blogging, leaving your links and commenting on other blogs and many other tedious strategies. With High Traffic Academy, you don’t have to rely on SEO and Google to get organic traffic. The system teaches you how to effectively get and retain highly targeted paid traffic without having to struggle for days on end.

3. High Returns on Investment

Vick outlines a no nonsense blueprint on how to get high conversions from the traffic generated so that you can get high returns on your capital. The blueprint guides you on how to acquire high potential customers who have purchased similar products before hence more likely to make a purchase again.

4. Most current strategies

High Traffic Academy is simply a goldmine when you want to employ the most current strategies for 2015.Most of the online marketers know little about these techniques so the system will give you an edge and set you above the crowd. This is how you get heard in a nosy world.

5. More personalized experience

The High Traffic Academy Elite package is particularly useful when you want to have a one-on-one couching where you can ask questions and receive suggestions from Vick. Upgrading will cost you just a little more but you will get to have more personalized advice for your particular business.

6. Value for Money

The system is guaranteed to give you results immediately. Many traffic guides appear cheap but end up costing you more energy, time and money before you start earning anything online. With Vick’s system, you start getting results in a few days and start raking in the dollars.

Currently, you can get High Traffic Academy at a ridiculously low price if you take advantage of the huge bonus that is being offered for a limited period. You don’t have to use trial and error methods anymore. You can now let the experts guide you through what really works.

The Educational Impact Of Technology Training For The Future

Have you consider taking an online technology course to better your future?

ipas2 online technologyIn recent years many colleges have faced significant budget-cuts and shortage of funds for providing various courses. These in turn have led to higher tuition fees and have lowered the availability of seats, forcing students to search for cheaper and more efficient alternatives.

With over 3 million students enrolled for online technology degree programs and around 6 million students taking at least a single course over the internet, online education has gained a lot of credibility and popularity amongst students.

The Benefits Of Taking iPAS2 Online Courses

Let’s take a look at some of the core benefits that have made online courses and program a viable and popular option amongst students all over the world.

Variety in courses.

One of the main reasons why online courses were introduced was because of shortage of resources. These include everything from lack of sufficient space to conduct a wider variety of courses at the same time, to fund shortages for hiring skilled tutors.

Online programs has changed the scenario as a student wanting to learn anything, from nursing to neuroscience, can do so without having to be physically present. This has helped colleges save funds on classrooms and reinvest them on skilled tutors and efficient networking infrastructure. It has also helped them regain the ability of providing a wide variety of courses and provide effective tutoring on various programs.

Also if you are an entrepreneur looking for a variety of practical hands on training programs to take advantage of, there are many online programs such as Empower Network and iPAS2 that will give you proper business training and a way to begin generating income as you prepare.

Convenient For Any learner Online

courses are flexible and convenient since there are no physical sessions. And this goes a long way when it comes to learning. Imagine not having to fight traffic, not having to lookout for bus timings, or having to leave work early, so as to attend classes and complete the coursework.

This level of flexibility allows the learner to be at his best when he starts a session and grasp the content thoroughly and more importantly on his own terms. It has been widely researched and documented that not all students are the same and that some need to revise and relearn certain concepts slowly to grasp them.

Online sessions can be paused and replayed over, catering for various types of learners at once. Since a timed session is out of the equation, learning becomes an easy and positive experience. The idea of learning on his/her own terms appeals to a lot of professionals too who are reluctant to leave their job in order to attend classes.

iPAS 2 is Cost Effective

Another major aspect of online programs are the costs involved. In case of a in house program, a college would have to accommodate the students in a classroom, provide the basic infrastructure and facilitate an efficient learning environment with the help of skilled tutors. From a student's point of view, he or she has to spend for traveling and/or living nearby the college.

These add up the cost of learning considerably and make learning newer programs a costly affair. Online courses deliver the same programs with the exact degree at a fraction of cost to the college as well as the learner.

With the onset of online technology training programs, colleges are able to reallocate funds effectively on better tutors and networks and make learning accessible for a broader audience. Student’s benefit from flexibility and convenience, which enhances their learning ability and helps them truly benefit from the courses.

For these and many other iPAS2 marketing system advantages, please see our other reviews about online courses that can truly be a game changer in the field of education.